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Rock solid is the best description of concrete. Strong, supportive and well priced, it protects us and supports the buildings or structures in our lives. America has relied on concrete as the go-to building material for homes, businesses, and commercial properties for generations.

But over time even sturdy, reliable concrete can crack, fracture, sink, or simply break. So what do you do when a concrete slab breaks? You slab-jack it, of course! Just like it sounds, slabjacking is a process of elevating a concrete slab back into correct position, and extra repairs required to make your concrete slab good as new.

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Concrete Slab Lift (Slabjacking) & Lifting

To fix an uneven concrete slab, we inject a polyurethane fill gel designed to lift and repair concrete slabs. Our clients prefer this repair, as it only requires 2 small holes to be drilled, instead of several large, ugly holes in the concrete slab.

Our high-functioning polyurethane foam fills holes, defects, and erosions in the soil under the concrete. Because our fill gel uses a special blend of high-end polymers designed to lift the concrete, curing takes minutes instead of days. Your concrete slab can support weight at full strength the same day it is repaired.

Ready to Slabjack that concrete and get it fixed?


Concrete Flooring Repair Inside Your Home

We repair interior flooring discretely, drilling small holes and injecting our fast-acting polyurethane foam, so your repair experience is as hassle-free as possible. Our foam takes minutes to cure, instead of hours, so your floor can be repaired and in use the same day. We can also patch over the drill sites for the most attractive repair possible.


That floor’s not going to fix itself. Let us fix it for you.


Repair Pool, Patio, & Deck Concrete

Got a crack by the pool? Is your patio getting a little lopsided? Or is the concrete around the posts holding up the deck not looking good?

Exterior concrete in these areas is particularly vulnerable to cracks and slides. Don’t wait for a child or friend to slip and fall on faulty concrete, or the HOA to write up your property.

A team of experienced concrete repair specialists can fix those unsafe or unattractive flaws and get your outdoor entertainment areas ready for that next great get-together at your place.

Remember these types of repairs are cheaper the earlier you catch them. Save yourself the expense of putting it off.


Foundation Repair

Concrete foundation walls are the most common foundation material in America because they are a secure, cost efficient choice for a durable home. Even such a sturdy material sometimes encounters problems outside of normal ‘house settling.’ We understand how stressful, even scary concrete foundation instability is in your home.

Never fear, the best concrete foundation repair (and stabilization) is here!

Estimates are always free, and it is cheaper to repair a foundation problem now instead of risking a larger, more expensive repair later with a concrete foundation that has weakened over the years.

Let’s ensure a safe, strong foundation for your future, together.


Beautify Sidewalks & Driveways

Got that sinking feeling walking up your driveway? Was that step down off the curb taller than it used to be? Don’t wait until these surfaces become a dangerous eyesore. Our quick acting, concrete lifting polyurethane foam can put that walkway back where it needs to be. Make your paths straight, and showcase the beautiful walkways & landscape around your home free of cracks and unsafe sunken places.


Don’t wait to make that sidewalk beautiful again. We can fix it.


Porches & Stairs

One of the scariest places to have faulty, sunken, or flawed concrete is on the stairs. In your home, shed, guesthouse, or garage, sloping or sinking stairs can cause injurious falls, slips, and liability issues.

Don’t put off this repair – you or a loved one could slip, fall, and be stuck injured in a less frequented bottom floor staring up at those darn sunken stairs . . .

The safest repair is the one you do before a bad slip happens.

We offer the best technology and customer care for all of your residential & commercial concrete lifting needs.

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